Week Two: Being Creative

Without having a gym membership, I've had to find creative ways for Angela to squeeze in some cardio as well as resistance training. The key to making our time together effective, is being creative in the ways we use the tools we already have. It's not so much important to invest in expensive gym memberships or equipment, if you have the basics already at home.

Work Out #1: yoga mat, "fanny lifter", "box step" and free weights

Work Out #2: Box Step, yoga mat, free weights, physioball and medicine ball

Work Out #3: Elastic bands, medicine  ball, yoga mat, physioball

When we combine our resources we have just what we need to build upper and lower progressive work outs with or without using weights. Simple tools yet very effective.

It's been nice not working out in a gym, to be honest. Being outside makes our time together a lot more fun and less intimidating for someone new to fitness. AND it allows Angela a chance to see you don't need to spend a lot of money to have a space to work out nor do you have to travel very far. Pictured above is her backyard and the space we use at Earlywine Park.

How many of you work out from home? What do you have in your home gym?

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