Who I am, What I can DO!

Hi! I’m Christy. Welcome to my blog.

I’m a SAHM (stay-at-home Mom) turned CPT: Certified Personal Trainer. I’m passionate about fitness and living healthfully and want to help you get to a place where you share that same love for healthy well being too.

I currently train clients at Earlywine Park YMCA as well as at Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC). I also do one-on-one training with women who want to learn how to better manage their hectic lifestyles to create a more balance habit of working out so that they can achieve their weight loss goals and feel better about themselves.

I am willing to travel to your home or work out with you in a public setting; but not in a gym. We will be creative with where we meet and what tools we use. I promise you, you will get a GREAT work out in an hour as I work you through a full body circuit session. We will also end each session with proper stretching of each muscle group we worked out. I firmly believe in the importance of stretching post each work out. **My availability is typically good during the day and some on the weekends. I prefer mornings and afternoons but can negotiate a meeting time**

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