Meet Angela

This is Angela.

Angela and I will be training together for the next three months. Please follow along with us. But first  here is her story:

Like many first time moms, she puts everyone's needs ahead of her own. She struggles with finding the time and the motivation to get her health back on track. In addition to being mom and wife and managing the household, she also works part time.  While juggling all of this, she self admittedly finds it hard to eat healthfully and both she and her husband are feeling the effects of that:

"My husband and I both are starting to see the effects that bad eating habits and lack of exercise are making on our quality of life.  We want to be the family that enjoys outdoor activities on the weekends.  I dream of the day that we spend our Saturdays taking bike rides, hikes, or nature walks instead of complaining that we are too tired to do anything.  I'm ready to stop making excuses and start working hard to live the life I have been dreaming of".  

I think many of us can relate to where Angela is now.  Trying to find the time for oneself, while having to care for someone who is fully dependent on you. But there is way, it just takes commitment. I am determined to help keep her committed and to find the fun side of fitness.

It also takes a positive support group that will help keep her accountable and motivated. Please be that encouragement to her, and leave comments each time I update my blog on our progress together. The feedback we both get from this will motivate us to do more; push us harder and get the results we both want.

Looking forward to getting started on this path to healthy living! Please "follow" my blog (to the left and click on the blue "JOIN THIS SITE" link under the FOLLOWERS tab) for updates and comment when you can!

Let's get STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. That's awesome! Congrats, Angela! I completely relate and can't wait to see how awesome you do!! :)

  2. Woo-hoo! Congratulations Angela. So excited for both of you! :-)

  3. Angela will be soooo glad you chose her!

  4. We were there once too Angela.. every day our choices AND options get better and better! and while it is YOU who will be doing the work, having a great mentor like Christy and friends and supporters will make it all so much more enjoyable and worthwhile until it is just who and what you do!