Week One: Commitment

Admitting there is a problem is the first step to overcoming a problem. The second step is follow through. This was where my journey with Angela began.

I asked all my contest participants to submit their story; defining where they were in their life and why they needed my help. In addition to that, I asked each one to fill out a questionnaire that held them even more accountable. In doing this, it forced each one of them to look at their problems head on, become vulnerable to the process and then open to changing their habits.

After meeting with Angela I knew she was ready. Not only did she admit her weaknesses and her failures that got her where she is right now, she was willing to try and do new things to get herself back on track. 

She has been so open to this process and what it has to offer. Everything I have asked her to do, she has followed through. From taking her "before" pictures to getting her cholesterol tested, tracking her eating habits for a week, and pushing herself during out work outs. Even when it was tough, she stuck it out and exceeded my expectations.

What has also helped with her progress, is the support of her family. When she committed to this process, her husband backed her up 100%. As a result, he too is benefiting from our time together. I love seeing this family take this journey together. Their example is definitely shaping their son's future as well. So much so he joined us during a few of our work outs ~ even when he was supposed to be napping ;-)

Knowing her family is supporting her, her friends and our Facebook audiences are watching, her commitment to this has really pushed her through...and I can't say enough about it! Keep up the good work. I am so proud of you.

Please follow her progress on her blog as she updates it recounting her work outs, her struggles and her triumphs, as well as follow me here on my blog or on my Facebook page ~ click on my badge link to the top left of my blog!

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